Bread boxes feature aре nice addition to your home

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It helps keep the bread fresh and clean. Below are Losenoidoomock personal selections for the best bread boxes.

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What is a bread box/bin?
A bread box, also called a bread bin, is a bread storage device that keeps the bread fresh and hot. Our cat keeps getting into our bread, and we needed a bread box large enough to store 2 loaves of bakery bread (not standard shape or length) each week, plus assorted bagels, pita, rolls, etc. We are able to fit the 2 full loaves in the bin (one loaf is arranged over the other) with some pita on top, 2 bagels, and some hot dog buns along the edges. This is beyond what I was expecting. I wanted this as a cute way to offer the bagels at my brunches and it will be so perfect. You can visit:  phantom of the opera london tickets

Made of bamboo wood which is a naturally replenishing grass and one of the world’s most renewable resources.
Dimensions: 15 1/2-inch by 9-1/2-inch by 9 3/4-inch
Coordinates with other lipper international bamboo collection accessories
Great addition to any kitchen
Wash with mild soap and water; rub occasionally with mineral oil

I was afraid there might be some sharp edges on the box but its so nicely made, smooth all around and the lid closes well. The retro vibe is just so fun! I also liked the neutral color which will go with any seasonal tablecloth I choose to use. The item was dented on one side corner, as if it were dropped, cant say if it was before being packaged or after, but I would hope the seller wouldn’t have sold it dented if they noticed it. It also doesn’t close all the way on the back, as if the hinges were installed too high.It will easily hold more than a dozen large bagels I’m surprised by how happy I’ve been by this purchase! The best bread box cannot be made of bad wood or low quality materials. The only problem is getting family members to remember to close the lid after taking out their bread, and I’m sure our cat will figure out a way to knock the bin off the counter at some point. Look for more search engine optimization.